Welcome to the pages about my 1992 Audi C4 100 (2002-present)
Audi in the snow!

4 January 2003, Stuttgart, Germany

A view from my balcony

Nose on view, showing the US/NATO license plate. The first group of letters, to the left of the registration stickers indicate the city that the car is registered in. The AD, AF and HK are reserved for US military in Germany. Stuttgart cars have an "S" and Ludwigsburg cars have "LB"
The white marks on the front of the car are dried salt crystals, form the large amount of road salt they use to keep the roads clear. Keep it waxed!

The Driver's side

The Passenger's side

The rear

A view of my thumping 128kW 2.8L V-6

The interior climate control of the car.

The dash, showing 228,000 km. Also note the temperature (1.5 C, about 35 F)

A nice shot of the grey striped cloth of the interior.