RangeR BoB's Exhaust Install

I treated the Bug to a new exhaust pipe. Below are some of the shots of the install. The original pipe had a 1.6" minimum diameter immediately after the turbo flange. There was also a step where the flex coupling was welded in, which causes a lot of turbulence.

The current pipe is 2.5" all the way through.

I realize that the bends are compression bends, but there are no mandrel benders in the state of Texas, and the smallest part of the tube is still greater than 2.25"

Thanks to Troy and the crew at Muffin Muffler Shop 4818 Burnet Road, (512) 453-5287 for the great job fabricating this from scratch.

According to VAG-COM I picked up about 10 horsepower at the flywheel with the new exhaust

Pictures of the install process

Stock Downpipe

Stock Catalyst

Stock Center Resonator

The bend over the rear axle

The stock muffler

Comparison of old 1 5/8" inlet downpipe compared to new 2.5" downpipe

New downpipe and catalyst

EGT Sensor mounted to downpipe

Stock muffler vs Magnaflow Muffler

Stock Center Resonator and piping

The New Tip!

The new center resonator, a 2.5" core glass-pack run in reverse flow mode for better flow

Stock catalyst remounted into new piping

Magnaflow in place

The Tip from another angle

The whole undercar system