Yverdon, Switzerland


Maison d'Ailleurs - House Of Elsewhere

    On our trip to Italy, we returned via Switzerland.  I wanted to visit an old friend who unknowingly was the catalyst for my current happiness.  I met Patrick because he was wandering America.  He had stopped in to our bandleader Ted's house, and we got to know each other.  We made reciprocal offers "if you're ever in town..." so I went to see Patrick.  Along the way, I met a certain violin player who became my wife.  I have Patrick to thank for that.

Photo Number 1    Patrick now lives in Yverdon, Switzerland, which is on Lake Geneva and near Lausanne, Switzerland.  Patrick is the curator for the Maison d'Ailleurs - House Of Elsewhere.  This is a museum dedicated to science fiction, utopia and extraordinary journeys.  Believed to be the only museum in the world dedicated to Science fiction in all of its forms, literature, movies and popular culture.  The museum is more than a collection of kitch, it houses over 40,000 volumes of science fiction writings dating back to the 17th Century.  Science Fiction is not often appreciated as "real art" and there is a lot of schlock out there both in print and film.  However, such notables as Thomas Swift, Jules Verne, and George Orwell stand out as science fiction.  Its not all about guys with ray guns.

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    The museum itself occupies a building in the town square of Yverdon, which used to be a jail.  It has several floors of collections, a library (which you have to read on the premises) and display rooms for their collections of artifacts, posters and related items.

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    Their latest exhibit is "Dinotopia",created by James Gurney, a series of books and movies about a lost civilization where dinosaurs and people live together in harmony.

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Vote for the new musem today!     The Museum is looking to relocate to a new spot.  An exhibition was built on Lake Geneva, a futuristic building set in the lake on pillars.  The exhibit is now gone and the building is unoccupied, so it would make for a wonderful location for the museum.  If the vote goes through, then the European Space Agency will help construct the new grounds for the museum.
Other Sights in Yverdon

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Naturally, Yverdon has a church in the town square

    There is also an old fortress that is now a museum.  Next time we are in town we will explore it more fully