RangeR BoB's Trip to
Castle Hohenzollern, Germany
South of
Stuttgart, Germany,
October, 2002

I was supposed to go on a Volksmarch that weekend, but it was mighty rainy, so we decided to visit the Castle Hohenzollern which is on the B27 highway south of Stuttgart, Germany.

Hohenzollern Webcam

Through the mist, you can make out the castle as our triumphant party makes the climb up the hill

The castle spires rise above the trees. A magnificent location, it would be easy to defend, difficult to attack. Seige, however is always a workable tool.

The front gates with sentry statues

The view from below. Imagine that you are looking up, and we have bows, spears, and hot oil...

The central courtyard

Back up the courtyard

Every castle needs a chapel. What a nice view to pray to God from.

The view down over woods and fields. You command all that you survey...

A small park built upon the walls of the castle, provides a bit of respite from the day's troubles of making your living off of the backs of the poor, whom you own.

Knighting a feel

A lovely spiral staircase out in a small courtyard formed between the inner and outer walls.

Each castle proudly displays a coat of arms or a symbol to depict who owns the place.