RangeR BoB's Trip to
Bad Wimpfen
North of Stuttgart, Baden-Würtemburg, Germany,
December, 2002

Bad Wimpfen has a long history, going back to the Pre-Christian era. As a town, it dates back to the 6th century after Christ. many of the buildings you see here are over 500 years old, adn are lovingly kept going by their owners, with help from the taxpayers of Germany.

Mariam in front of a classic half-timbered building. Blue Tower (Blau Türm) in the back ground.

The Blau Türm, built in the 1100s.

A history of the town, Auf Deutsch

A lovely building, used as the City Hall now.

Classic half-timbered construction, common in Southern Germany.

Ancient religious statuary, nearly 1000 years old, which has been preserved under a more recent (300 years old) awning